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The Alpha Femme Project | WordPress website design + build

The Alpha Femme Project is a membership based body transformation programme, which provides members with training, nutritional guides and support over the time period of their course.

Programme founder Elissa Jewell had the goods but not the method of delivery! That’s where we came in. We took her passion, expertise and excellent content, and created a site where these could be delivered directly and seamlessly to members.

The Alpha Femme Project website is built with WordPress, using the MemberPress plugin. Members can access their weekly exercises, nutritional guides and the support forum.

We have provided tutorials to allow the site to be kept up to date without extra cost, while also providing ongoing support for the more complex aspects of the site.

A special feature of this site is the wonderful plugin we used to allow members to monitor their weight and relevant body measurements, and to have it all displayed in a pretty graph! NB: weight and measurements in the graphic on this page are purely added for the purpose of this screenshot and are not representative of the goals of the programme.

Skills:  Website design
Client:  The Alpha Femme Project
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