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This Wild Song

This Wild Song website, design and Wordpress build by Little Lion Design

This Wild Song is a long term project by artist Ilona Nelson, which sees her creating photographic portraits of Australian female artists in the style of their own work. At the time of building the site, Nelson had completed 23 portraits and had 130 artists as part of the project.

We designed and built a site that would showcase the stunning portraits created as part of this project, but would also function as a comprehensive database of the artists involved. Each artist has a portfolio page which features their This Wild Song portrait – if it’s completed -, their biography, their artworks and an interview with the artist, conducted by Nelson.  As there are so many artists included in the project, we created an easy to use filter whereby you can access the artists by their name, medium, state or whether their portrait is finalised or in progress.

Skills: Website design, WordPress, Website build

Client: Ilona Nelson

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